Blyngbabes is all about your unique style and creativity. We want to share our passion for streetwear with you by trying every day to create unique accessories that not only embody the style and energy of the hip-hop scene, but are also an expression of your individual personality. We love what we do, because it is our dream and we are happy that you are accompanying us on this journey. Blyngbabes stands for authenticity and uniqueness and was born out of the idea of ​​making a difference. With our brand, we not only want to make our dream come true, but also encourage you to dream so that you can realize yourself and express your own style.


Blyngbabes is not just a brand, but represents a community of women who are unique and stand out.

With modern styles, we want to offer you a selection of jewelry that suits you.

We particularly want to appeal to young girls and women who care about fashion and individuality just as much as we do and who want to express their style perfectly.

Our motto in life is: “Express your Uniqueness” and that’s exactly what we want to prove with our pieces of jewelry.


Our mission is to inspire women worldwide with our products and encourage them to dream. We want to create a sense of belonging and community by building a community. Whether you're a hip-hop fan or just looking for cool jewelry, you'll find unique accessories that reflect it all.

We believe that there are many different personalities and everyone should represent their own style.

If you're looking for something eye-catching and special, you've come to the right place.


With us you will find statement pieces that are inspired by a wide variety of styles from America and hip hop and are sure to make you stand out.

Whether in a blazer or with baggy jeans, Blyngbabes makes every outfit expressive and individual. We also believe that self-confidence is the best accessory to shine, but for us self-confidence comes not only from within, but also from outside. The better you embody your style, the better you feel about yourself and vice versa.